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Theatre de la Photographie Nice

The Theatre de la Photographie Nice is an honor to the photographic arts is located in a lovely renovated building a couple blocks off the bustling Boulevard Jean Medicine thoroughfare. In the museum you´ll typically find exhibits of universal appeal, such as a wall dedicated to portraits of Hollywood celebrities over the past several decades and […]


Matisse Museum | Nice France

This Museum shows some of the innovative art of Henri Matisse which was inspired by the fresh colors and lines of Nice and the Cote D Azur. Just take a look at any of his art at the Matisse Museum looking out of balcony windows, and you will surely see the Riviera shoreline. This vast […]


Cours Saleya Flower Market | Nice France

Nice’s famous Cours Saleya Flower Market Nice is one of the best attractions in the whole city but must be visited before midday to see the rich colors and flowers available. The edges are bordered with cafés and souvenir shops, and the stands themselves are packed with amazing produce and beautiful flowers. It opens six […]


Vieux Nice | Old Town Nice France

Old Town Nice is downright rife with buzzing with atmosphere. Its narrow streets are a one-stop shop for incredible items, such as Provencal wares, household items, wine, gourmet gifts, hip clothing and much more. There are numerous restaurants in the Old Town Nice area, as well as several fun bars and nightclubs including the infamous […]


Rue de France Nice

Check out the hub of activity on the Rue de France Nice pedestrian zone, or “zone pietonne”. Get a cool Haagen Daz on Rue Massena or wander along the Rue de France to Nice Etoille shopping mall. Rue de France Nice is a great place if you need to get some souvenirs of the city. […]